Can a Newly Painted Exterior Increase Your Home Value?

The paint of your home exterior is its primary line of defense that combats the elements since paint can help your home be protected from the harsh effects of UV rays, moisture, and temperature changes. Faded, peeling, and cracked paint looks awful, leaving your home more prone to lifetime damages. Other home inspectors even recommend all those property owners who plan to sell their home to repair the paint problems in advance before they send the loan. If you’re still not convinced, then you need to consider the extra benefits you can have with a fresh exterior paint: 

Painting highlights the best features of your house 

Exterior paint can provide you the chance to highlight the best features of your house. New and crisp paint on doors, shutters, window frames, and some architectural elements displays the things that make your house one of a kind. Though it is best to maintain the total color palette quite neutral, it is also essential for your house to stand out among your other competitions. You can do so by cleaning your white trim and a hint of at least 2 colors to make a visual that buyers will certainly remember.  

Painting provides your prospective buyers home confidence 

Buyers have to feel confident about what they buy. A house that has an old paint job is usually a warning sign to buyers that some maintenance tasks were also not addressed. If you have a freshly painted exterior, your house will immediately look well-maintained, new, and clean. Also, the neighbors can benefit from this since once a home is properly maintained, it can attract the best property owners. As a result, the best property owners will create great neighbors, and a beautiful and safe neighborhood, which will ten attract homebuyers.  

Painting can make your home incomparable to your competition 

Curb appeal is important. As you sell your house, nothing will be as important as creating a great impression, which can possibly start the moment a prospective buyer sees your house. A new coat of paint is clean and crisp, which makes a great impact on your home’s visual appeal.  

Painting is economical 

Providing your house a new paint coating is a cost-effective way of boosting your property value. It’s estimated that newly painted exteriors are increased by nearly 2 to 5 percent of the home value. There are no other enhancements you can make that provide you more “bang for your buck.” And, because property buyers put such a great value on the appearance of the exterior, you can be guaranteed that you will have the information regarding the last time your house was painted and what paint quality was used. Overall, quality and the fresh paint job is a particular selling point.  

Contact the professional painters 

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